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Article: 5 Biggest Misconceptions About Unschooling

by Bohemian

Since we decided to homeschool and eventually unschool our boys, I get asked a lot of questions. It’s understandable, as the lifestyle we have chosen definitely goes against the grain of societal norms. Even I had a lot of trepidation and found myself asking some of the very same questions.

It took me over five years to fully settle in the ideas and, truth be told, I still question myself at least once a year. Over the eight years plus since we started to homeschool, my perspective through research and experience has grown considerably. This perspective has allowed me to address the most commonly asked questions: What about college? How do they socialize and learn to work with others? How do you know they are “on par” with others? When do you get any free time as a parent? How will they be prepared for the real world?

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Imagination Soars with Radio Dramas

Beric the Briton Radio Drama

Living in a highly visual world, crowded with a plethora of moving images from internet, TV, movies, and portable video devices, tends to have a cumulative dampening effect upon our imaginations. One surefire way to rekindle the imagination is to give your eyes a rest and enter the “theater of the mind” with Radio Dramas! These can be as simple as great books read aloud by storytellers such as Jim Weiss of GreatHall Productions and Jim Hodges Audio Books or as elaborate full-scale dramatic productions offering multi-voice talents, music, and sound effects. Examples of these include Lamplighter Publishing and Focus on the Family Radio Theatre.

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Lessons homeschoolers can glean from Egyptian unrest

Group of Egyptian people

Our family recently joined (via the internet) four veteran homeschooled young men as they journeyed to Egypt to navigate the incredible history of that nation. It was a fascinating adventure and we always eagerly looked forward to the weekly broadcast. In addition to this streaming media, the support team back in the US was doing tons of research and produced some engaging and helpful articles on how we can profitably analyze culture and why we should even bother studying history in the first place. Little did they or we know the degree to which tensions were simmering beneath the surface. A few short weeks after the Navigating History team’s safe return to the US, a new chapter in Egypt’s turbulent history was written as angry demonstrators poured into the streets speaking out against their corrupt government.

Now to indifferent eyes and ears, the present unrest in Egypt could appear as little more than Middle Eastern squabbling over matters unrelated to our comfortable everyday lives. But this would be far from the truth. Unfolding before the eyes of the discerning homeschooler are historical shifts that will have ripple effects felt the world over. Which way will Egypt turn? Will they follow the path that our forefathers once took in the American struggle for independence or will they align more closely with the impulses that prevailed in France’s bloody revolution? Applying a Biblical worldview to the situations we read about in the news and hear of through the media outlets helps us to make sense of the Egyptian turmoil and provides us with lessons that we can apply in our own lives.

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4th Amendment VS. the TSA


Whether or not you have done any flying over the Holiday season, no doubt you’ve read in the newspapers or seen on the TV the public outcry against the naked body scanners and “enhanced” pat downs that travelers are enduring at the hands of the TSA. Should homeschooling families get involved in the debate? If so, how?  What can be done to stem the tide of these immoral, unlawful and unreasonable searches and seizures that are not only contrary to the Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution but are repugnant to the law of the Holy and Righteous God of Heaven?

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