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Podcast! Choosing Curriculum: Part 2 of 2

Interview with Dwight Gullion, homeschooling father & owner of Gullion’s Christian Supply; Interview with Nancy Glidewell, homeschooling mom and homeschool curriculum coordinator at the Gullion’s Winston-Salem store

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As we continue our back-to-school interviews with homeschooling moms and dads from all walks of life, our special guests today are Dwight Gullion, homeschooling father & owner of Gullion’s Christian Supply, and Nancy Glidewell, homeschooling mother and the homeschool curriculum coordinator at the Gullion’s Winston-Salem store. Together, they offer up their professional and practical tips on how to choose the curriculum that best suits your family. Be sure to check out Gullion’s on the web Gullion’s Christian Supply for an incredible range of used and new books & supplies for homeschoolers!

This is the second of a two-part series, in which we talk about the following: Why is it important to choose a specific curriculm approach? Why can’t we just “wing it” and study whatever we and the kids want to learn on any given day? How can we use the curriculum to individually nurture each of our very special and uniquely different children? How important is it to use Bible-based textbooks? Why should we stay away from books with magic and occult? How can we incorporate Bible truths by using Christ-honoring literature? Here are some of the great literature series and authors that Dwight and Nancy recommend: Journey Forth series from BJUPress, Mandy, Sugar Creek Classics, Elsie Dinsmore, G.A. Henty, Lamplighter Books, R.M. Ballantyne, Jonathan Park. You can do a websearch for any of these series/titles/authors or visit Gullion’s Christian Supply.

The Homeschool Kitchen: 12 Recipes for Family Closeness

Homeschool Mother and Daughter Cooking Together Happily

If your family is anything like ours, we usually find ourselves doing something in the kitchen. Constantly. Busy homeschool students studying intently at the table. Mom cooking 3 meals a day for the hovering, hungry bunch. Breathless runners racing in from playing outside to grab some water and a snack. It’s one of the most frequently used and occupied rooms in the house. Today we’re going to offer you 12 tasty recipes for building family closeness right there in your homeschool kitchen. Whether it’s food prep or cleaning, or from school work to holiday parties, there’s something here for everyone.

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Imagination Soars with Radio Dramas

Beric the Briton Radio Drama

Living in a highly visual world, crowded with a plethora of moving images from internet, TV, movies, and portable video devices, tends to have a cumulative dampening effect upon our imaginations. One surefire way to rekindle the imagination is to give your eyes a rest and enter the “theater of the mind” with Radio Dramas! These can be as simple as great books read aloud by storytellers such as Jim Weiss of GreatHall Productions and Jim Hodges Audio Books or as elaborate full-scale dramatic productions offering multi-voice talents, music, and sound effects. Examples of these include Lamplighter Publishing and Focus on the Family Radio Theatre.

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