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Video: HSLDA Celebrates 30 years of defending homeschool freedom

As we look back on 30 years of defending homeschool freedom, it evokes poignant memories of family milestones: The moment of realizing that homeschooling was just what a child needed. That exhilarating first day of bravely stepping out on a different path than everyone else. The joy of seeing children learn, grow, and graduate . . . and even start homeschooling their own children.

HSLDA Celebrates 30 Years of Defending Homeschool Freedom

Video: Homeschooling: A Bountiful Harvest — Final episode in HSLDA’s weekly video series, Season 1

Join HSLDA’s attorneys for a cornucopia of encouragement: these homeschool graduates and parents want you to know that homeschooling works! From deepening family relationships to allowing children to pursue their interests to passing on the torch of fervent faith and a vision to make a difference, home education yields an abundant harvest.

Homeschooling: A Bountiful Harvest

Article: Homeschooled Less Likely to Continue Volunteering?

What are home-educated children like when they get older? How about at 13 to 17 years of age, or when 18 to 23 years old? That is a very broad question. Narrowing it down, professors Hill and den Dulk wondered, Do young people continue to be engaged in volunteering at different rates depending on their educational setting background?[1] They examined this topic, persisting in volunteering, as one way to hypothesize about civic engagement.

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Article: German Homeschool Case May Impact U.S. Homeschool Freedom

An important article from HSLDA that we encourage every home schooler to read.

Sobering Thoughts from the Romeike Case

By Michael Farris, J.D., LL.M.
HSLDA Founder and Chairman

Article: Are Homeschoolers More or Less Violent?

Occasionally a news outlet makes it a point to associate a teen’s schooling type with his evil behavior. My experience is that you will (almost?) never see a headline that reads “Public-school teen shoots a peer” or “Public-school teen rapes neighbor girl.” Several days ago, however, the world was faced with “New Mexico homeschooled teen … accused of murdering family.”[note 1]

If you read the Internet for news, it seems that so many tragic stories are right in front of your face and on your mind. It appears evil is ubiquitous and you must worry all the time. And if you are part of a minority group – for example, homeschooling – then you might feel extra-sensitive or defensive about your group.

A news story like the one out of New Mexico begs the question, Are homeschoolers more or less violent than others?

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