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Games for Homeschoolers!

Homeschool Child's Game

Everybody loves a great game, and homeschoolers are no exception. Not only are games fun to play, they actually provide unseen educational advantages that are too important to pass up. Games that homeschoolers play help them bridge the gap between learning and remembering. Additionally, games draw families together in unique bonding ways, offering everyone a chance to grow while having fun and making memories. And finally, games offer students a different pathway into learning as they enjoy hands on activities.

Being educated at home gives students plentiful access to all kinds of games. There are the standard games you can buy and adapt for educational uses, such as the popular and ubiquitous Scrabble (spelling), Monopoly (math), and Chess (logic). Or just fire up the imagination and use everyday objects around the house. There is no limit to the games you and/or your students can come up with. To get those creative juices flowing, we’ve compiled an Educational Games book of 50+ homeschool games for all ages and subjects complete with a learning styles index Here’s a free game taken from that book you can start using with your kids today.

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