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Website: Homeschool Freebie of the Day

We’ve found a website that gives homeschoolers a free item each day. The featured item at this time is the Big Handbook of Nature Study, available for free and immediate download. You can obtain this and many other resources by visiting

Article: 5 Biggest Misconceptions About Unschooling

by Bohemian

Since we decided to homeschool and eventually unschool our boys, I get asked a lot of questions. It’s understandable, as the lifestyle we have chosen definitely goes against the grain of societal norms. Even I had a lot of trepidation and found myself asking some of the very same questions.

It took me over five years to fully settle in the ideas and, truth be told, I still question myself at least once a year. Over the eight years plus since we started to homeschool, my perspective through research and experience has grown considerably. This perspective has allowed me to address the most commonly asked questions: What about college? How do they socialize and learn to work with others? How do you know they are “on par” with others? When do you get any free time as a parent? How will they be prepared for the real world?

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Podcast! Interview with Creation Scientist Dr. Jonathan Sarfati

Interview with Creation Scientist Dr. Jonathan Sarfati

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This past Monday, March 26, 2012, Dr. Jonathan Sarfati spoke in Winston-Salem, NC on the topic “Design, Deluge & Dilemma.”

Dr. Jonathan Sarfati is a former New Zealand national chess champion and creationist author with a PhD in chemistry. He works full-time for Creation Ministries International in Atlanta, GA. You can read a more complete bio at the website. Some of the excellent Creation resources from Creation Ministries International that Dr. Sarfati has penned include Refuting Evolution, which now has over 400,000 copies in print, Refuting Compromise, and is the co-author of the popular Creation Answers Book.

Additionally, Dr. Sarfati serves as co-editor of the beautiful Creation magazine and also writes and reviews articles for the Journal of Creation.

These all make wonderful resources for homeschoolers seeking to teach science from a Christian worldview.

We had an opportunity to interview Dr. Sarfati before his lecture to ask him some questions pertinent to homeschoolers. Enjoy the podcast!

Profitable Preparation for Achievement Testing


Hmm, so many rows of little bubbles, now where do I put my name? The clock is ticking down… Should I choose A or E? I’m not sure…maybe I should go on and come back to this one later?

Questions like these race through every homeschooled child’s mind as they sit hunched over their answer sheet, sharpened #2 pencil in hand, taking the nationally standardized achievement test like the CAT5. It can be a bit intimidating, especially on one’s first time doing the tests, but with some advance preparation kids can begin to approach the tests with confidence, which in turn affects how well they score. Read on for several test prep and test taking tips as well as our review of two excellent test prep programs: Scoring High and Achievement Test Advantage.

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Podcast! Getting Started Homeschooling: Interview with Misty Spinelli, Part 2 – Choosing Homeschool Curriculum

Getting Started – How to Choose Homeschool Curriculum: An Interview with Misty Spinelli, Part 2

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Misty Spinelli, homeschool mother of 6, and noted author and speaker, is this week’s guest on The Homeschool Show. She and her husband, Tony, have served the Charlotte, NC, homeschooling community for the last 8 years, managing two homeschool bookstores, hosting countless seminars, and providing achievement testing and consultation to hundreds of homeschoolers. In today’s show, Misty gives us the highlights of her helpful new, professionally-produced DVD entitled Homeschooling Answers.

In this broadcast Misty briefly discusses how to choose curriculum and discovering both parent and child learning styles. This is the 2nd part of a 2-part interview. Listen to Part 1 here.