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Podcast: Homeschool Philosophy of Education, Part 2 of 2

Show host Greg Munger completes the discussion begun last week on how to develop a Homeschool Philosophy of Education, working through the basic guiding principles of home education: Reasons to Homeschool, Content, Methods, Approach and Application.

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In our continuing series on the “Guiding Principles” of home education, show host Greg Munger talks about developing a Homeschool Philosophy of Education, which is simply common sense dressed up in fancy clothes. Previous podcasts have explored Reasons to Homeschool, Getting Started, Different Approaches and Choosing Curriculum. On this program, which is part 2 of 2, Greg reviews how to choose content and methods for your homeschool, and then focuses on finding an approach that fits them as well as putting it all together in getting started.

Understanding that there is no single right way of homeschooling, it is really just a simple process of figuring out what you want to do in teaching your children and how you want to do it! There is great flexibility and diversity of both resources and methods available in teaching at home, so don’t be intimidated by it all. Start by asking yourself a series of questions and writing down the answers (don’t forget to include your spouse, and especially any older children who may be involved) that will help you organize and prioritize your homeschooling endeavor, committing it all to the Lord in prayer.

Here are a few of those beginning questions that Greg will cover in this program: CONTENT – What do I want to teach? What is most important? What subjects, skills, values, etc.? METHOD – How do I teach it? How should learning happen, especially to meet my children’s and family’s particular needs? How should I operate my school on a daily basis? How much money do I have to spend and how can I spend it wisely? APPROACH – What plan fits my desired content and method(s)? Is there one already made to save time and/or money? APPLICATION – How do I put all of this together for a successful homeschool experience?

Digging out of Debt begins in the Home(school)

Homeschool Economics: Digging out of Debt begins at Home

Recently we were listening to a broadcast entitled “Honey, We’re Broke” by Trevor Hammack of News In Focus in which he discusses the financial state of America. This is based upon a Washington Post article commenting on President Obama’s budget blueprint that indicates 2011 is the year in which, for the first time in history, government debt will exceed the US economy. Now I don’t know about you, but that’s a tough pill to swallow. It’s hard to watch our beloved country slip deeper and deeper into this ruin, knowing that we’re passing on such a horrible legacy to our children and grandchildren. The picture seems hopelessly bleak. Is there anything that we can actually do to reverse this situation? Certainly we can and should pray that God will intervene in the direction America is headed. But there is something else we can do to dig out of debt and it begins at home.

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