Greg on air with The Homeschool Show

What is the Homeschool Show all about?

The Homeschool Show was started to equip,  educate, and empower homeschooling families around the world to raise up the next generation for Christ.  Your host, Greg Munger, will tackle every conceivable topic that concerns the homeschool family.  In every approach we will seek to view the topic at hand through the prism of God’s Word.

Who is Greg Munger?

The host of The Homeschool Show is Greg Munger, President of Piedmont Education Services, homeschooling father who has graduated four, an accomplished teacher, speaker, author, and award-winning film producer.

Greg holds a B.S. in Education from the School of Education at Bob Jones University; Bonnie holds a B.S. in Home Economics, also from Bob Jones University. Greg taught for five years in a traditional classroom, on both the Elementary and Secondary levels. In 1987, the Mungers began homeschooling, continuing for 14 years and eventually graduating all four of their children from their homeschool, Charis Academy. All four children have gone on to succeed in college, business, and family life. Their two sons have now returned to work in the family business.

Greg has also served in various homeschool leadership positions in NC including six years as president of his local support group, Forsyth Home Educators, while simultaneously serving as the Administrative Vice President for the statewide organization North Carolinians for Home Education. He also assisted for eight years as the Assistant to the Director for the NCHE Conference and Book Fair held annually in Winston-Salem, NC.

Greg has delivered numerous conference seminars on a variety of topics of interest to educators, even turning the subject of Home Schooling through High School into a book. In the past twenty years, both Greg and Bonnie have administered the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills and the Woodcock-Johnson III Tests of Achievement and the California Achievement Tests to thousands of children all across North Carolina and southern Virginia. Additionally, Greg provides educational consultations and custom curriculum development based on personal assessment and learning style.

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