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Article: Is Your Child Coal or a Soul?

How should one refer to children? As “resources”? Or as “humans,” who are distinct from both diamonds and siamangs?

In one of my recent articles,[1] I referred to a piece by academics Acker, Gray, Jalali, and Pascal in which they acted as if U.S. case law were God.[2] Another issue arises in their article that is commonly found in writings, both academic and lay. The basic thesis is that children and young adults, pre-school through college, are resources to be measured, analyzed, tended, and managed by the government and State-run school systems.

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ARTICLE: Doing Well in the “Real World” of College

“But how will they do in the ‘real world’?”

“If he is tied to mommy’s apron strings until he’s 18, he won’t know how to get along with others.”

“If she never has to deal with the ‘Other,’ she’ll never be decent, civil, and respectful.” [note 1]

Experienced homeschool parents and home-educated students hear such claims, over and over. Negative critics of homeschooling have been averring such things for about 30 years now. But what does research say about the long-term outcomes of homeschooling?

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