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Article: Case Law is God?

Four academics are incredibly worried about many homeschoolers. Acker, Gray, Jalali, and Pascal write the following:

In the case of inferior education for girls, such enunciated [Christian] fundamentalist beliefs as “sexual equality denies God’s word” and failure of a wife to accept a subordinate, obedient role in the home means “the doors are wide open to Satan” may well exclude girls from the level of mathematics known to be a critical filter for many careers and confine them to low-paying, servile occupations if employed outside the home … [p. 519, note 1]

These four academics try to paint a picture of a slow and inexorable progression from parental authority over the education of children to total state authority. They are looking at colonial days in America to about 50 years ago. Despite the fact the authors beg the politically sensitive question, Who cares about this imperialistic and Eurocentric interpretation of the education of children and why do the authors ignore the culture of Native Americans?, they quickly try to move the reader to accept three basic premises and one proposed conclusion.

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