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Profitable Preparation for Achievement Testing


Hmm, so many rows of little bubbles, now where do I put my name? The clock is ticking down… Should I choose A or E? I’m not sure…maybe I should go on and come back to this one later?

Questions like these race through every homeschooled child’s mind as they sit hunched over their answer sheet, sharpened #2 pencil in hand, taking the nationally standardized achievement test like the CAT5. It can be a bit intimidating, especially on one’s first time doing the tests, but with some advance preparation kids can begin to approach the tests with confidence, which in turn affects how well they score. Read on for several test prep and test taking tips as well as our review of two excellent test prep programs: Scoring High and Achievement Test Advantage.

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Homeschool Achievement Testing and You

Finney Kids

One of the beautiful things about homeschooling is that you, as the parent-teacher-administrator of your own private school, have all the privileges of controlling every aspect of your children’s education. Along with that privilege, of course, comes responsibility — the complete responsibility to develop and teach the curriculum, to organize day-to-day activities, to keep important records such as attendance, grades, etc., as well as (in most states) to obtain and annually administer a
nationally standardized achievement test.

You may be wondering, “Where do I find these nationally standardized achievement tests? and “How do I administer them?” “When do I administer them?” “Are they even necessary and how do I actually apply the testing results to improve my homeschooling experience?” Fortunately, after over 24 years of experience in the area of providing achievement tests and services to the homeschooling community, there are a number of very good answers to these questions and a multitude of options available to you We’ve even made a Master Chart of Homeschool Achievement Test Providers that is fully hyperlinked and color-coded by type of achievement test.

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Measuring Achievement Properly

Testing Jitters

Annual test-taking required by homeschool laws in many states tends to make both parents and students nervous, but it need not do so! Understanding both the test format and the reports help calm those achievement testing jitters.

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