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Christmas Cheer

Every time I watch this short video, tears come to my eyes to realize that in every generation, no matter how godless or materialistic, God always raises up a testimony to His glory and the sovereign majesty of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.  The Hallelujah Chorus from Handel’s The Messiah is one of those timeless pieces of music that truly honors Christ and exalts the power and testimony of the Word of God, the Bible, and I believe that God has indeed honored His word even above His name.  Here you have a crowd of ordinary people, casually going on their way or catching a meal in a shopping mall food court, probably with little or no concern for the things of God at that time, and probably not paying much attention to the person playing Christmas music on the piano for background.  Then all of a sudden a faint organ sound begins playing something vaguely familiar like one might hear in church or at a concert, and after a single woman on a cell phone stands up to sing, she is joined by a swelling chorus of people, who have been there unnoticed all along, but now are standing up to sing praise to the Lord God Omnipotent and to His Christ who reigns for ever and ever.  Is this great or what!  Jesus Christ still reigns!  Hallelujah!

4th Amendment VS. the TSA


Whether or not you have done any flying over the Holiday season, no doubt you’ve read in the newspapers or seen on the TV the public outcry against the naked body scanners and “enhanced” pat downs that travelers are enduring at the hands of the TSA. Should homeschooling families get involved in the debate? If so, how?  What can be done to stem the tide of these immoral, unlawful and unreasonable searches and seizures that are not only contrary to the Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution but are repugnant to the law of the Holy and Righteous God of Heaven?

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Revival in America: Is it still possible?

God created the Earth to sustain Life

It’s easy to avoid the world when your family is safely gathered together at home for work, play and school.  But should we as Christians stand by and watch America destroy herself? Will God ever grant revival to the visible church?  What saith the Scripture?  In my study and teaching through the kings of ancient Israel, I’ve come across some important truths that families can discuss and share with others.

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